A very knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming staff with a wide variety of offerings. What sets them apart from any other collective I have ever been to is that they have directly adjacent to the shop through one door is a lounge with a pool table, big screen TVs, pipes, smoking accessories and a great environment.
Kat M.
Super helpful staff. There are dozens of dispensaries in the area, but the staff here is the friendliest. They make me feel comfortable as they answer questions that might get an eye roll or barely unsaid "Ok Boomer" at many of the 20-some other dispensaries I've visited. Their location, right off the 10 Freeway, is very convenient too.
Andrea N.
Patient care is #1 for these guys. Love them. Great meds as well as friendly and helpful staff 😊
Elizabeth L.
This place is so well thought out. THANK YOU FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE! This place is clean, comfortable and the price is right. The staff are amazing and beyond helpful. I felt so welcome. Watch out... This is THE FUTURE OF RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA and you guys have done things right!! Thank you!
Michael I.
I've shared this on another review, but I feel it needs repeating. I've been in the service industry for 47 years and I know outstanding service when I receive it. Richie, Leno, Noha and ALL the others at CCCC are the most caring and compassionate people I've met.